Sunday, December 27, 2009

Disable Google Updates, GoogleUpdate.exe

Disable Google Updates, GoogleUpdate.exe

Procedure To disable GoogleUpdate.exe from running automatically during startup

Click Run > Type Msconfig > Goto the Startup Tab

Remove the checkbox next to GoogleUpdate.exe

Click OK. Restart the computer.

GoogleUpdate.exe also adds itself to Scheduled Tasks.

Navigate to the Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks

Delete all the GoogleUpdate.exe entries.

Restart the computer.

Click Run > Click Browse > Navigate to c:\windows\system32\ > Select the services.msc file. Click open

Right Click on the Google Update Service > Properties

Set the Start Up type to Disabled

Repeat process for the Google Updater Service.

Restart Computer

Default Phone Lock Password For Nokia E63

Default Phone Lock Password For Nokia E63

The Default Phone Lock Password For Nokia E63 is 12345

Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Security > Phone and SIM Card > Lock Code

To Change the lock:

Navigate to:
Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Security > Phone and SIM Card > Lock Code

Enter the old default preset lock code 12345

Enter the new lock code twice

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Countdown to the Palm Pre

Countdown to the Palm Pre

In 6 days, Palm is going to unveil the brand new Palm Pre smart-phone.

The last few months, Palm has been busy building the suspense and remaining secretive on details of the upcoming phone.

Blogs, Social networks, News feeds, Reviews, Videos, Rumor mills, CNN fortune, twitter. Everything! Everyone is on the new phone.

Back in 2006, Palm was struggling to stay afloat. Ed Colligan (CEO) did an amazing job of convincing Elevation Partners to invest $425 million! Money was invested to create money.

The Pre is the next big thing after the Apple iPhone. The Web OS Operating System that powers the Pre is revolutionary. The world has not seen anything like it, yet.

To create an Operating System on a phone where applications are built using plain HTML and Javascript is new. This is a first.

There is no doubt. Demand is going to be huge. Palm is going to face a shortage. The company will recover the $425 million invested in no time.

It appears that the Web OS will power a range of smaller hardware devices. Phones, smaller form factor devices?

Microsoft has been using this strategy for a while. The main Operating System is broken down into multiple flavors. The licensing fee is unique to the flavor.

Palm is pulling the same stunt with Web OS.

It is fascinating to see how Palm jumped to $12 per share compared to the $1 per share back in December.

To bounce back from dust during a recession is something.

This is a company with mobility in its DNA.

Really exciting times for Palm and for all those involved with the company.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Palm Pre

These are exciting times for Palm, the makers of the Palm Pilot.

Palm has been hard at work on the Palm Pre.

The Palm Pre is not *just* another mobile OS. This is mobile platform with features and underlying workings that do not exist on today’s mobile devices.

Apart from the standard list of features, the two that really stand out are:

- Multitasking
- Developing Apps in HTML and CSS!

Multitasking on a mobile device is a mean feat. Screens are smaller, form factors change, SLOW processing power, SLOW graphics and difficult input methods.

The Palm Pre multitasks apps like a deck of cards. Every card is an application and here’s where it gets even better, the STATE of the app you minimize is STORED and restored just like it was before the app was minimized. As an example, if you were composing an email message, you could minimize the compose window, then watch a movie and return to the email in the state it was left.

Developing apps in HTML and CSS consumes less dev time. No more fiddling with pesky SDK’s and learning a whole new API. Notepad or a HTML WYSIWYG tool is all that is needed.

For the last 10 years, a lot has been expected from Palm. Palm after all, has mobility built into its DNA. At a time where mobile devices didn’t do a lot apart from creating calls and a bunch of a few address book apps, the Palm Pilot was a Personal Device Assistant.

Palm Pre is slated for release in the first quarter this year. I do hope they release a GSM unlocked version too.

Palm has revisited the ideas and concepts that made Palm Pilot a success back in the day and engineered a modern WebOS platform that is ready for today and the future!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sarcastic Conversations

When in a conversation with a person and if you are leading the conversation, it is key to figure out the pace of the conversation.

If the other person is sarcastic all the time and if that is the only way they can reply, then it is time to bail out.

Sarcastic people have issues.

When you exit, you exit. Don’t try to exit out and then get back into the conversation. That would be weak.